The Millionaire Matchmaker (Bravo)


   I have been watching The Millionaire Matchmaker since it premiered on Bravo in 2008. Since then I have seen Patti change her physical appearance as well as find a match of her own. The show is currently on its seventh season, and so much has changed.

       Let’s talk about the obvious changes. Patti has new assistants this season. They are not as charming and lovable as her previous assistants, and Patti does not seem to like them as much either. In the previous seasons fans fell in love with Destin and Rachel, Patti’s quirky and gothic assistants. The two assistants had a son and got married. We basically got to see their relationship evolve on screen. 


      When asked about where Destin and Rachel were this season, Patti said that they were pursuing their dreams and career goals. Their replacements are Marisa, David, and Justin. There is no doubt that the three of them are more attractive than Destin and Rachel, but they are terribly boring. They do not say or do anything interesting. In fact, the most interesting thing that happened with the new assistants so far this season was when Justin broke Patti’s rules and gave his phone number to one of the girls Patti recruited for a millionaire. When he was scolded, Justin just sat there and stared blankly. It was an opportunity for some drama, for the assistants to show some personality, but nothing happened. 



      The clientele this season is different from the previous seasons. Almost every episode this season has featured clients who are television personalities or celebrities. There was Rosie from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Stefan from Top Chef, Don Swayze, and a number of others. In previous seasons the millionaires were almost always entrepreneurs. The addition of all these television personalities makes the show feel fake and almost scripted. Why is a millionaire celebrity having such a hard time finding a boyfriend/girlfriend? It’s making the show feel a lot less believable. 



     The people Patti is choosing to bring to the millionaire mixers are also a lot different from previous seasons. She blames the lower quality of the individuals on her assistants because they are responsible for recruiting potential mates for the millionaires. In previous years the potential mates had to meet a list of qualifications. They had to be attractive, educated with a career, and age appropriate for the millionaires. This season there have been a lot of actress/models who make it to the mixers. There have been some professionals at the mixers, but those individuals are few and far between.

     I still love the show, and I will continue to watch it, but I’m not a fan of this new format. I hope the show improves as this season goes on.




The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo)


      I have been a proud viewer of The Real Housewives of Atlanta since the first season. The show is currently on its sixth season and so much has changed since the show first premiered.

     The only original housewife from the first season is NeNe Leakes.  For a long time NeNe was definitely one of my favorite housewives on the show. She was sassy, she told it like it was, and she was not afraid of what anyone had to say. Fast-forward to the sixth season and NeNe is still that way, but she has changed and is now a bit of a bully.

    The past few episodes of this season showed NeNe calling her costar and friend Cynthia Bailey a bad mother for allowing her thirteen-year-old daughter to date, causing Cynthia to burst into tears. NeNe also called costar Porsha Stewart a bad friend in that same episode in front of all the other women.

     Since appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe has guest starred on the show “Glee” and even starred on the NBC sitcom “The New Normal.” During her time in Hollywood NeNe stayed out of all the housewife drama, but since the cancellation of “The New Normal,” it appears as though she has nothing better to do than to start drama. She acts like a bit of a diva; it is as though she thinks she is better than the other housewives because she is a ‘celebrity’ or an ‘actress.’

      I want the old NeNe back! I miss her one-liners and her refusal to get involved in all the petty drama between the housewives. Season 6 NeNe is by far my least favorite housewife. She crossed a line with me when she criticized Cynthia’s parenting. NeNe had no idea what the situation was, but she felt the need to comment and make her friend cry.


      In addition to NeNe, another character on the show that has been bothering me this season is Cynthia’s husband Peter Thomas. He was not featured a lot in previous seasons, but this season he has been showing up on screen a lot more. Peter can be a nice guy, and romantic when he wants to be, but there are certain things that he says that raise red flags with me.

     In season 3, Cynthia’s family tried to stop her and Peter’s marriage because they did not think he was a good guy. I never understood why the family was so opposed to Peter, but fast-forward to season 6, and I can see why.

     When Cynthia’s sister came to visit, Peter made it clear that he did not want her there. He and Cynthia got into so many arguments and Peter kept raising his voice at his wife even when she asked him to stop. Cynthia’s excuse was that Peter was not normally that mean, and that her sister’s visit was changing the group dynamic and causing problems between in her marriage.

     When Cynthia had uterine fibroids and was bed ridden and anemic, Peter complained that she was being lazy and was becoming overweight. After Cynthia had her surgery and was no longer suffering from the effects of the fibroids, she explained that Peter just did not understand the seriousness of the situation, and that once he knew he became very supportive.

      Peter’s behavior seemed a little off to me these past few episodes and Cynthia’s constant need to explain her husband’s behavior also made me raise my eyebrows. She did not seem secure in her relationship to me. She seemed almost afraid of standing up to her husband. She kept saying that she understood his point of view even when he was being irrational.




The Following

       I came across “The Following” on Netflix. I was looking for a new show to watch when I stumbled upon this show. I read the description and decided to give the show a try. After the first episode of I was hooked and I proceeded to spend my entire day watching all fifteen episodes of the first season.

      “The Following” is about a serial killer named Joe Carroll who is obsessed with the work of Edgar Allan Poe. In the very first episode he escapes from prison and goes on a mission to kill the one victim who was able to survive his attacks. It is then revealed that the victim’s neighbors are Joe’s followers. They were placed there by Joe to get close to the victim and deliver her to Joe when he escaped. As the season goes on, the audience learns that Joe has about 100 followers who are ready to kill and do his bidding.

     Kevin Bacon stars as Ryan Hardy, the FBI agent responsible for capturing Joe back in 2004. He returns when Joe escapes from prison and is tasked with recapturing Joe and saving Joe’s ex-wife and son from his followers.

     “The Following” is suspenseful and gory. The bloodshed is a little difficult to watch at times. The first half of season one was great, but as the show went on I began to question why so many people, some of them respectable members of society, would choose to follow a serial killer and become serial killers themselves. Psychology should have been explored more in the show because the second half of the season did not seem plausible. It would have been beneficial to explain why so many people were susceptible to Joe’s charm.

      Another thing that bothered me about the show was that so many main characters were killed off. As soon as you fell in love with a character, they were gone. It would have been nice if the writers of the show let more of them survive, or if they only killed off minor characters.

     Overall I enjoyed the show. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the early seasons of “Dexter.” It doesn’t quite have the same dark humor as “Dexter,” but it is an excellent show with some of the same themes.