The Real World: Explosion (MTV)


     The Real World has been on air for almost as long as I have been alive. The show first aired in 1992 with The Real World: New York. It is now in the middle of it’s 29th season with The Real World: Explosion, and it is clear that MTV tried their hardest to make the show more interesting and to spice things up a little bit.

        This season started off the way every season starts out. “Seven strangers picked to live in a house…to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.” However, it was clear that this would be like no other season. The twist this season was that their exes would come live with them. Even during the first episode, whenever the show cut to commercial, there would be a timer counting down the moments until the exes arrived.


       One of the original seven, Ashley, had a poor habit of getting drunk and yelling extremely rude things at her roommates. In one instance, she drunkenly threw hot burger grease at one of the roommates. Ashley also ripped up Jay’s (another roommate) list of phone numbers (reality show contestants can’t have cell phones so they must either memorize numbers or have them written down). He was unable to call home, and a few days later he received a phone call from home and was told that his mother passed away from cancer. As a result of her actions, Ashley was voted out of the house by all the other roommates.


      Instead of replacing Ashley with one new roommate, the producers decided to bring all of the roommates’ exes into the house. One girl’s ex turned down the opportunity to be on the show. There were now eleven people living in the house. When the exes arrived the show became a little boring. We had been waiting weeks for these people to arrive, but now that they were there, there was nothing to look forward to.


      A few episodes later the audience found out that Lauren, one of the exes, was pregnant. We all wanted to know if it was Cory’s (one of the original roommates) baby. It wasn’t. Cory was completely unsupportive and mean towards Lauren. She chose to leave the show as a result.


      There were ten people living in the house when this week’s episode started, but one of the exes (Hailey) left at the end of the episode. She could not stand to see her ex-boyfriend (Thomas) start to date one of his roommates (Jamie) while she lived in the house with the two of them.

Image Image

       There is a lot of drama this season, which is clearly what the producers wanted. It will be interesting to see if any more of the exes decide to go home. Perhaps in the end we will be left with only six original roommates.



4 thoughts on “The Real World: Explosion (MTV)”

  1. Now that I think of it, the Real World series has been going on since I can remember! I haven’t watched any of it, but I heard this season has the most twists and drama! Sounds like quite the entertainment and drama that the audience expects!

  2. I’m embarrassed to admit it but this show has been one of my guilt pleasures this semester. I’m normally not one for dramatic or reality shows in general but for some reason this one stuck with me. It’s definitely packed full of surprises as the episodes go along!

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