SMPA Social Final Project

Convergence culture is when old media and new media collide (Jenkins). My blog is an example of that. It is a blog about television and essentially showcases how television (old media) has a place on the internet (new media). The same also works in reverse, with the internet also making an appearance on television. 


It’s not just my blog though. .gifs from several television shows have made their way onto several blogs and websites. Individuals also use these .gifs on social media sites like twitter, tumblr, and Facebook to make a point and to describe how they feel.


For example, if my friend posted something on Facebook, instead of saying I told you so, or I knew you would get that job you applied for, I would just post this .gif from Modern Family. 


Having television and the internet interact is becoming the norm. We can perhaps see it the best when people go on twitter to live tweet their favorite shows. 



People who live tweet television shows are an excellent example of a crowd/mob (Butsch). In the case of Scandal, they come together on Thursday nights at 10pm and experience strong emotions about the show. They form very quickly and are temporary. Once the show ends they disband.

Scandal has perhaps the strongest presence online. 



And it is not just scandal. Several other shows experience a large amount of live tweeting when they are on air.



Twitter is a great place to see television and the internet colliding in real time. 


Self-presentation is important when it comes to social media (Ellison & Boyd). Celebrities have a huge presence on social media. For reality television stars, social media gives them the opportunity to show a different side of themselves. If you are portrayed as a catty woman on television, you may want to show people your kinder side on social media.


Nene Leakes is often portrayed as speaking her mind and being mean towards her Real Housewives of Atlanta costars. However, on Instagram she can present herself as a loving grandmother and we can all see her maternal side.  


The same goes for Kim Kardashian. On her reality television show viewers see her with expensive things and running a clothing company with her sisters. On Instagram she can present herself as a loving mother, something that you do not see a lot on the show. 


The internet’s effect on television has been an interesting one to witness. We have seen the two different worlds colliding both with crowds coming together to live tweet about a show and television stars trying to find a way to present themselves on the internet. It will be interesting to see how this trend will continue. 


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