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The Challenge: Free Agents (MTV)




         It’s my favorite time of the year! MTV’s The Challenge is back. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, this show is amazing! It is a combination of everything I want in a reality television show. It essentially combines The Real World, Survivor, and American Gladiators in one show. What more could a girl want?

       The show originally premiered in 1998 under the title Road Rules: All Stars. For The Challenge’s second season it was renamed Real World/Road Rules Challenge and the name stuck until the show’s 19th season when it was simply renamed The Challenge.

           The Challenge, back when it was named Real World/Road Rules Challenge would take former cast members of MTV’s two reality shows, The Real World and Road Rules, and make them compete in physical challenges and puzzles, similar to the format of Survivor. At the end of each episode, whoever lost that week’s activity was put up for elimination. The group then voted on an individual to battle that losing person in the elimination round. The winner of the elimination round was allowed to return to the house. The loser went home.


     Each year there is a different theme for The Challenge and the elimination rounds work a little differently. One year the theme was exes and the contestants were all paired up with people they had either dated or hooked up with. Another year the theme was ‘battle of the seasons’ and the contestants competed in teams with their former Real World cast mates. This is part of the reason why the name of the show was changed to simply The Challenge. Road Rules was cancelled in 2007 and the producers of The Challenge had ‘fresh meat’ (individuals who had never been on television before) compete on the show. Therefore the old title of the show no longer fit.

    The 25th season of the show premiered this Thursday, April 10th. This season’s theme is free agents. It is an individual’s game and the eliminations for this season work differently. After the challenge for the week, the winners pick two people who lost (one boy and one girl) to enter the elimination round. The people who battle them in the elimination round are completely left up to chance. Everyone who lost that week’s challenge draws cards and whoever draws the kill card competes in the elimination challenge against those selected by the winners of that week’s challenge. The winners of the elimination round return to the house and the losers go home. One boy and one girl go home each week.




     I am so glad that the show is back on TV! Some of my favorite competitors have returned, but there are also some new faces. It will be interesting to see how some of the rookies (new competitors) do against veteran players.